Wayne State University is the third largest university in Michigan. It is a urban campus located in the heart of Detroit.  With only few miles away from Detroit downtown, it provides an urban kind of sensation while at the same time giving you a hustle free, calm, quiet surrounding suitable for your studies.
The best thing about Wayne State is its Sri Lankan student body. There are more than 50 Sri Lankan graduate students in the Chemistry Department alone.  Therefore, once you get here, you will not feel as if you are in a foreign country. You will find yourself in a Sri Lankan community and will not feel culturally isolated. From the moment you step out of the airport to the time you get comfortably settled down in Detroit,  SLSA will be there to help you.  

Once cherished as the auto industry capital of the world, Detroit is a city that has lived past its prime. Known by its popular nickname, Motor city, it is home to the giants in automobile industry such as General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.  Therefore, even though you will not find the glamour of New York city or Los Angeles in Detroit, you will still find the reminiscence of a great city in Detroit.  It is a place full of history and interest.  
There are several attractions within walking distance. On the door steps of the campus, stands DIA, Detroit Institute of Arts, which is one of the largest art collections in USA. It houses works by great artists all over the world including Diego Rivera's famous Detroit Industry mural. In addition to this, there is also, Detroit Historical Museum and General Motors head quarters. 

The closest International airport to Wayne State University is Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) located about 20 miles (25 minutes) away from the campus.  SLSA Will arrange a way to escort you from the airport once you get there.


Housing is available in the form of both on campus and off campus apartments. Deroy, Chatsworth and University Towers are the three on campus housing complexes available for graduate students. All of them have studio, one bed room and two bed room apartments with rents ranging from $ 700-1500. These are located within the campus, very close to Chemistry Department and other lecture halls.  All of them are unfurnished apartments and include a refrigerator and a stove.  There are no furnished apartments available for graduate students. All the amenities such as electricity, internet and heating are included in the rent and there is no other payment that you have to pay except for the use of washing machines. You need to apply for on campus housing two, three months before you come here. You can apply and  read more about on campus housing options at the following link.
The on campus apartments are nice and  safe. However,  they are more expensive compared to off campus apartments.  Therefore, if you want to save some money, you may consider off campus apartments. There are several off campus apartments located within walking distance. You may want to contact a senior student before thinking of this option. It is usually the tradition of the students to stay their first year at on campus apartments and later move out to a cheaper off campus apartment. The on campus apartments require the signing of a one year lease and it is illegal for you to move out to a different apartment before the lease period is over. Therefore, newcomer students usually stay their first year in on campus apartments.

During the first year, all students usually work as Teaching Assistants. Later you may either continue working as a TA or will work as a Research Assistant (RA) depending on your advisor's  decision.  In either case, you can earn around $ 1500 dollars a month except for the Summer term. The salary is around $ 1300 in Summer.
The monthly expenses include the apartment rent, the telephone bill and the monthly shopping. The monthly expenses for an average person are approximately in the following range.

Therefore, the salary is usually sufficient to cover all these expenses. Most students even manage to save a considerable amount of money from their monthly salary.

Yes, the salary is enough to cover all the expenses.  Therefore, there is no need to worry about coming with a dependent.

One great thing about Wayne State, is its generosity towards its employees. Since you are considered a WSU employee, your spouse receives a considerable tuition reduction if he or she wishes to pursue a BS or a MS level degree.  If your spouse is seeking admission for a PhD program with  a three year degree in Sri Lanka, he or she can complete some particular courses here and can apply for the PhD program. If your spouse is interested in a Master level degree program, he or she can complete it by paying tuition. With the spouse tuition benefit,  tuition becomes affordable and your spouse can complete a degree here.

The healthcare system in USA is very different from Sri Lanka. Here, you are required to purchase an insurance plan. The students can get enrolled in a affordable insurance plan provided by Wayne State University. The plan will cover all medical needs of the students and their dependents. The department will help you to fill the insurance documents once you get here.
While WSU provide a separate eye and dental insurance, not all dental needs are covered by insurance. Therefore, it is better to take care of any dental problem before you come here .

Your child, as your dependent will be covered by your insurance plan.  As for the schooling, there are public schools in Detroit which are free.

The weather in Michigan varies extensively over the year with warm summer time and very cold winter time.  Michigan being located in the northern hemisphere, experiences a harsh winter where temperatures usually drop below 00C and sometimes can even go down up to -20 0C.  The cold can be hard for people like us but  a good winter jacket and some cheap moisturizer and lip balm will be able to protect you. During the winter, Michigan receives a heavy snow fall. So, if you think you love snow, you will not regret your decision to come here. You will find  yourself surrounded by lots and lots of snow. 

There are several very important documents you should always have with you. Put them in a separate file and keep the file close to you during your journey.
These are the documents you should have.

Most travel agents allow you to bring two baggage (23kgs each) and  one hand luggage (5kgs). Additionally, you can also bring a backpack with you. It is better to check with your Travel agent about weights and size restrictions before you start packing for the trip.
At the port of entry you will have to fill a form declaring that you do not have any unprocessed live items in your baggage. If you happen to have any of those, you may be charged and your items will be destroyed in US quarantine and US customs counter. Therefore, do not bring any unprocessed live items in your bags. However, you can bring things like spices and dry fish. These will be considered as processed food and will not be a problem.
Click on the following link for a list of items  that you need to bring from Sri Lanka. If you have any more questions about what to bring, please contact one of our members.

SLSA plays a key role in getting you settle down comfortably in USA.  After you have decided that you will be coming to WSU, SLSA will be sending you an email with names and contact details of hosts assigned to each new comer. These hosts will be senior WSU students who already have considerable experience living in Detroit. Once the hosts have been assigned, you can directly contact them for any question you have about coming here. The hosts will be there to pick you up from the airport. They will also assist you to check in to your apartments and will take you shopping to buy your necessities.  Therefore, it is very important that you contact you host before coming here. Please make sure that your host is aware of your travel plans before you come here.